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Anonymous: *heavy labored breathing* ... thats kool... *heavy labored breathing*

Oh no. This is starting to sound like many of my phonecalls…

Anonymous: a-are you really slimy tho.... ._.

You woudln’t even believe!

Anonymous: Niji I love you.

Aw! ♥

Anonymous: You need a spanking. And I want to be your disciplinarian.

Oh anon, I’m so squishy.

Slimy and waiting for cummies.

I fell asleep and woke up 1am. I’m so invigorated I could run a marathon so sleeping is out of the question tonight.

Let’s play some games yo.

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Anonymous: Out with you I'd love to make.

Yoda noo. You’re like 1000 years old!

Anonymous: IT GOES LIKE THIS "hey i really like you, i dont know why your sad maybe you should get out or try and change your outlook?" (you) "no no one can help me there's nothing i can do i suck ass" (a pep) "oh dont say that i see how you'd feel that way but its in your head im telling you" (you) 'no its not i cant even go out theres nothing i can do but wait to die!" (a peep) "ur right you do suck" (you) "ya i know;'( whats the point in being nice when you cant be nice to yourself? u wont accept it.

Well.. I wouldn’t say agreeing with people that tell me I suck is positive?

But to break it down, what you mean is - When I dismiss compliments people dislike me?